We welcome you to our website which will introduce you to the amazing Hillcrest College community as well as encourage you to visit us in person and learn more at first hand.

It is our aim that pupils should leave Hillcrest College at ease with themselves and ready to face with confidence the challenges of university life and beyond. We firmly believe in the importance of education in its broadest sense. We are very proud of our academic achievements and of our consistent success in sporting and cultural spheres.

The pupils thrive in a warm and nurturing environment surrounded by beautiful mountains. Our location made up of outstanding contemporary buildings set alongside extensive sporting facilities and an agricultural smallholding makes it an ideal setting for learning.

At Hillcrest College we value individuality, celebrate diversity and encourage our pupils to have the confidence to think for themselves, whilst emphasizing the importance of tolerance, teamwork and collective responsibility.

If you are unable to come to our Open Day, then you are most welcome to make an individual appointment to see round the school. Such visits can be arranged by phoning the school office.

The best way to fully understand the extraordinary quality of the atmosphere at Hillcrest College is to experience it for yourself and we invite you to visit us.

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